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Archives: July 2010

July 30, 2010 -- UK building firm pleads guilty to asbestos violations

A building firm in England recently conducted an unlicensed asbestos abatement project, according to investigators.

July 30, 2010 -- Asbestos mine project put on hold

Canada is known to be big player in the asbestos trade industry, with two large mines in Quebec that regularly export the mineral around the world. However, the Canadian asbestos industry recently hit another snag as production costs start to rise.

July 30, 2010 -- Approval for asbestos facility angers residents

Resident in a small English village may appeal the decision to approve an asbestos waste facility near their homes.

July 29, 2010 -- Bags of asbestos left for 15 days in England

Bags of asbestos waste were left near a children's play area in England for 15 days.

July 29, 2010 --UN: Asbestos imports to Cambodia tripled between 2008 and 2009

As many countries across the world are working to ban asbestos, new United Nation (UN) trade statistics show that the import of asbestos cement for the growing Cambodian construction industry has tripled.

July 29, 2010 -- Asbestos fears raise after Cumbria school renovations halted

As the British government cuts the Building Schools for the Future (BSF) program, many union members and parents areconcerned that the lack of renovations under the program could increase the risk of their children being exposed to asbestos.

July 27, 2010 -- Families evacuated after explosion exposes asbestos

Many families who live in Amsterdam Noord in Holland were evacuated after a recent explosion put them at risk of asbestos exposure.

July 27, 2010 -- Old hospital containing asbestos sold

The Tasmanian government has almost completed the sale of an old hospital, which was built using asbestos.

July 27, 2010 -- Family lives in fear of asbestos illnesses contracted from father's job

One family in Northern Ireland reportedly lives in constant fear of asbestos related illnesses, after their father possibly passed asbestos particles to other family members after coming home from work.

July 23, 2010 -- Historic theater receives funds for renovation

The Coliseum theater in Oldham, England recently received funds in order to renovate parts of the old building.

July 23, 2010 -- Asbestos exposure blamed in death of steel worker

A court recently ruled that Peter William Taylor, retired steel worker and gas fitter, died due to asbestos exposure while working.

July 23, 2010 -- English company fined for exposing workers to asbestos

Stellision Ltd admitted in a Colchester, England Magistrates Court that it breached the Health and Safety At Work Act, for exposing its staff to asbestos.

July 23, 2010 -- Work on new bridge halted due to asbestos discovery

The discovery of asbestos at the construction site of the new Twin Sails Bridge in Poole Harbor, England has stopped some work on the bridge.

July 22, 2010 -- UK school warned of asbestos problems

A school in England was served with a notice from the country's health regulators, stating that it had not properly managed asbestos in the facility.

July 22, 2010 -- Son of mesothelioma victim warns of asbestos dangers

An Englishman whose father recently died of malignant mesothelioma is working to raise awareness of the dangers of asbestos exposure.

July 22, 2010 -- Work related deaths in U.K down overall, but asbestos hazard still high

A study has found that while general work-related deaths have declined in Britain, there is still no decline in the number of asbestos related work deaths every year.

July 22, 2010 -- Firefighters wary of fire at school that contained asbestos

Fire crews fought a blaze at the Craigroyston Community High School in Scotland, a building that was known to have asbestos.

July 22, 2010 -- Retired principal suffering from mesothelioma wants asbestos removed from schools

Many buildings built before the 1970s may have asbestos lurking in walls and pipes, as it used to be a common building material. However, one retired New Zealand principal who developed mesothelioma after working at two schools, is asking for the schools to become asbestos free.

July 21, 2010 --India's asbestos use continues to expand

While many developed countries have come to recognize that the health risks associated with asbestos are not worth its minor benefits, many developing nations, like India, have come to rely on the mineral.

July 21, 2010 --Asbestos trade still strong in Russia

Despite outcry from other countries, Russia continues to be one of the largest exporters of asbestos.

July 20, 2010 --Asbestos removal completed at Australian school

A school in Queensland, Australia, will reopen after being closed for five days for asbestos removal.

July 20, 2010 --School demolition to continue after asbestos removal

Demolition work will continue to move forward at a school in Victoria, Australia, now that all traces of asbestos have been removed from the facility.

July 19, 2010 -- Asbestos debris continues to litter Australian track

Pieces of cracked cement and asbestos pipe that were discovered almost two years ago are still littering a one kilometer track near Baldivis, Austrialia.

July 19, 2010 -- Former UK construction foreman sues over asbestos exposure

A former English construction foreman is suing his former employer because he says the asbestos exposure he experienced on the job caused his mesothelioma.

July 16, 2010 -- Parents happy with Australian school's asbestos response

While opposition party members have been decrying the handling of asbestos in schools in Queensland, Australia, the parents of the students who attend one of the education institutions that is dealing with the deadly mineral seem to be happy with the school's response.

July 16, 2010 -- Asbestos found at Canadian demolition site

Asbestos specialists were called to a demolition site in Winnipeg, Canada, after the deadly mineral was found in a building that was being torn down.

July 16, 2010 -- No way to prove if children have been exposed to asbestos

A state health advisor told parents in Townsville, in North Queensland, Australia, that there is no way to confirm that their children have been affected by asbestos.

July 15, 2010 -- ECO - Health for Asian Citizens

Welcome to Jeju Korea, all the delegation and participants to the 2nd Ministerial Regional Forum on Environment and Health in Southeast and East Asian countries. We, Asian NGOs of environment and health areas participating this forum, like to share the 2 urgent environmental health issues with you, all the delegation. The first issue is about the issue of Canada’s asbestos export to Asia, the second issue is about the how to reduce the increased Asian asbestos consumption and to ban ultimately.

July 15, 2010 -- Principal: Australian students had no risk of asbestos exposure

There has been much talk about asbestos in Queensland, Australia, schools as of late, but school administrators said that the recent discovery of the deadly mineral posed no threat to students.

July 14, 2010 -- Australians calling for better asbestos management

Opposition party members in Queensland, Australia, are accusing the lawmakers in power of not properly dealing with asbestos issues.

July 14, 2010 -- Spanish court hands down landmark asbestos ruling

A landmark asbestos trial was recently concluded in Spain, resulting in the court ordering a company to pay damages for causing asbestos exposure to residents for the first time in the nation's history.

July 13, 2010 -- Lindsey refinery workers told to come back to work

The June 29 Lindsey Oil Refinery explosion had many people out of work for a couple of weeks, due to the discovery of asbestos. However, the workers who were encouraged to stay home are now being told to come back to work.

July 13, 2010 -- Asbestos found at police college in Australia

Asbestos was discovered at the police college at Spring Cove, near Manly, Australia, which is currently under redevelopment.

July 13, 2010 -- Asbestos to be removed from city hall

Asbestos from the ceiling of the Lismore City Hall, in Australia, is on its way to being removed, which is making the staff of the Northern Rivers Performing Arts (NORPA) very happy.

July 13, 2010 -- Australian designs asbestos removal bag

An innovative Australian appears to have invented a garbage bag that could drastically affect asbestos removal.

July 13, 2010 -- Son and father both die of mesothelioma six years apart

Keith Baker of Chipperfield, England, died after likely being exposed to the asbestos dust that his father carried home from work.

July 12, 2010 -- Asbestos fears hamper firefighters' efforts

Fears of asbestos at a blazing abandoned building in England forced local firefighters to fight the flames from only the outside of the facility.

July 9, 2010 -- Scotsman's mesothelioma death shows devastating impact of asbestos

The mesothelioma-caused death of a Scotsman has spurred his widow to take up the fight against asbestos, which triggered the rare and deadly cancer that killed her husband.

July 9, 2010 -- Increasing number of women joining asbestos register

At least 15 Geelong, Australia, residents have come forward to say that they have been exposed to asbestos.

July 8, 2010 -- Eyemouth golf course cleared after asbestos scare

Health officials have announced that there is no risk to the public caused by airborne debris from a fire at Borders golf course in Scotland.

July 8, 2010 -- Australian EPA allays power plant asbestos fears

Fears that an Australian power plant was emitting asbestos through its smoke stacks are unfounded, according to the country's Environmental Protection Authority (EPA).

July 8, 2010 -- 49-year-old mechanic dies of mesothelioma

A former English mechanic, who was described as fit and active, recently died from mesothelioma, a rare cancer caused by asbestos exposure, at the age of 49.

July 2010 -- Global Campaign Against Quebec's Asbestos Mining

Canada still exports tons of asbestos to developing nations.

July 7, 2010 -- English widow calls for increased asbestos research

An English widow is calling for increased measures to protect people from asbestos-related diseases, such as asbestosis and mesothelioma.

July 7, 2010 -- Town cancels cancer walk over asbestos controversy

Asbestos, Quebec, a town that relies economically on asbestos mines, canceled its annual cancer fundraising walk as a protest directed at the Canadian Cancer Society, which has been working to end the excavation of the deadly mineral.

July 7, 2010 -- Canadian armory to undergo asbestos cleanup

The basement of a Canadian armory will undergo asbestos abatement and several other cleanup procedures in order to improve the facility.

July 7, 2010 -- Be careful of asbestos on DIY jobs

People who enjoy doing home repairs have something else to worry about other than getting the right materials and tools: asbestos.

July 7, 2010 -- School to be demolished amid fears of asbestos

The Ballee Primary School is scheduled to be demolished, sparking concern about potential exposure to asbestos.

July 7, 2010 -- Couple won't move out of abandoned town

Twenty thousand people used to live in the small Australian asbestos mining town of Wittenoom. Now only eight people are left.

July 7, 2010 -- Asbestos discovered in Lindsey blast

Workers at the 200,000-barrel-a-day Lindsey oil refinery in North Killingholme, Lincolnshire, have been told they may not be able to return to work while the company cleans up newly-found asbestos.

July 6, 2010 -- New Zealand fire spreads asbestos fears

New Zealand firefighters recently extinguished a blaze at a Christchurch warehouse but are now concerned that the roof of the building contained asbestos.

July 6, 2010 -- Parents not told about kids' potential asbestos exposure

Parents of students who attended a school in New South Wales, Australia, are concerned that their children may have been exposed to asbestos.

July 6, 2010 -- Asbestos dumped at Croydon North reserve

Asbestos was found dumped in one of Australia's largest and most diverse floral reserves.

July 2, 2010 -- Asbestos in locker room has amateur soccer players upset

English recreational soccer players are upset that they have been changing in a locker room that was contaminated with asbestos.

July 2, 2010 -- Survey finds homeowners uninformed on asbestos

A survey of English homeowners revealed that many of them are not well informed when it comes to asbestos.

July 2, 2010 -- More than one death a week caused by asbestos-related illness

One city in England is reeling from the high numbers of deaths caused from exposure to asbestos dust.

July 1, 2010 -- Workers sent home after fire leads to asbestos scare

Amid concerns over asbestos exposure, workers were sent home from the English Lindsey Oil Refinery, which was recently ravaged by a fire.

July 1, 2010 -- Asbestos dumped near river

Tweed Shire Council in Australia is looking for people who dumped almost 220 pounds of asbestos near the Tweed River in New South Wales (NSW).

July 1, 2010 -- Action Mesothelioma Day to take place July 2

Victims and families of industrial disease are asking not to be forgotten as Britain starts cutting funds in order to balance a post-recession budget.

July 1, 2010 -- Group of experts urges Canada to ban asbestos

Calls for Canada to ban asbestos have continued to pour into the country, as an international group of researchers recently asked the nation to stop exporting the deadly mineral.

July 1, 2010 -- Mesothelioma support group spreads asbestos awareness

Campaigners in England will be spreading the word about the dangers of asbestos.