International Asbestos Conference For Fair And Equal Compensation For All Asbestos Victims And Their Families

By Laurie Kazan-Allen
Yokohama Conference Commentary PDF (302KB)

[Editor's Note: Laurie Kazan-Allen has been studying global asbestos developments for more than twenty years. In 1999 she founded the International Ban Asbestos Secretariat (IBAS), an independent body which campaigns for a global ban on asbestos and justice for all asbestos victims. As the IBAS Coordinator, she has established the IBAS website1 as an international resource, written and edited asbestos periodicals and organized asbestos conferences, meetings or workshops on every continent except Antarctica. Most recently she participated in prominent events in Philadelphia, Cairo, Ljubljana, Yokohama, Vienna, Portsmouth and Manchester. In July 2007, her monograph: Killing the Future - Asbestos Use in Asia was published; it has now been translated into Japanese and Mandarin to facilitate distribution throughout Asia. Kazan-Allen is also the Editor and Publisher of the British Asbestos Newsletter.2 As an adviser to the UK Parliamentary Asbestos Sub-Committee, she has organized annual asbestos seminars in the House of Commons since 2002. In 2005 she received the Asbestos Diseases Awareness Organization Tribute of Unity Award and the Antonio Raposo Tavares Medal from the City of Osasco, Brazil. Copyright 2008 by the author.]

Table of Contents

Session 1: Current Status Of Asbestos-Related Diseases In Japan
Session 2: Asbestos Compensation In Europe
Session 3: International Asbestos Issues: Epidemiology, Legislation and Victims' Rights
Session 4: Taking Action On Japan's Epidemic Of Asbestos-Related Diseases
Session 5: Non-Occupational And Environmental Asbestos Exposures
Session 6: Question & Answer Session
Session 7: Concluding Thoughts