International Asbestos Conference For Fair And Equal Compensation For All Asbestos Victims And Their Families

Table of Contents

Session 1: Current Status Of Asbestos-Related Diseases In Japan
Session 2: Asbestos Compensation In Europe
Session 3: International Asbestos Issues: Epidemiology, Legislation and Victims' Rights
Session 4: Taking Action On Japan's Epidemic Of Asbestos-Related Diseases
Session 5: Non-Occupational And Environmental Asbestos Exposures
Session 6: Question & Answer Session
Session 7: Concluding Thoughts

Session 7: Concluding Thoughts

When the Kubota Shock propelled Japan's asbestos epidemic into the public arena, there was little awareness of the painstaking efforts which had been ongoing since 1988 to identify victims and establish the facts regarding the source of their exposure. The prescience of BANJAN's founders and the pioneering work of this group deserve worldwide recognition. As was shown by the very effective conference which this report details, far from resting on its laurels, BANJAN continues its vigorous campaign to document every aspect of the asbestos scandal.

Although some multinational corporations believe that issues of corporate accountability can be ignored, they are wrong. Companies will be held to account for the harm they have done. That this is happening in Japan now is thanks to the mobilization of civil society. BANJAN, working with its social partners in Japan, has succeeded in placing asbestos on the national agenda. Even so, many sufferers remain marginalized and some are unable to obtain medical treatment or compensation from government schemes or negligent companies. Problems stemming from asbestos contamination of the national infrastructure and the safe disposal of asbestos waste remain unresolved and few parents can be confident that their children are attending an asbestos-free school. In Japan, progress has been made but much remains to be done.

In collaboration with Asian NGOs and others, BANJAN has worked to reveal the Asian Asbestos Trail and expose the nefarious practices of those who continue to profit from "The Deadly Trade." There is every reason to fear for the health of people living in countries where asbestos consumption is increasing. Congratulating BANJAN's on its 20th anniversary, it is true to say that now, more than ever, BANJAN's expertise and determination are needed to create an asbestos-free future at home and abroad.