International Asbestos Conference For Fair And Equal Compensation For All Asbestos Victims And Their Families

Table of Contents

Session 1: Current Status Of Asbestos-Related Diseases In Japan
Session 2: Asbestos Compensation In Europe
Session 3: International Asbestos Issues: Epidemiology, Legislation and Victims' Rights
Session 4: Taking Action On Japan's Epidemic Of Asbestos-Related Diseases
Session 5: Non-Occupational And Environmental Asbestos Exposures
Session 6: Question & Answer Session
Session 7: Concluding Thoughts

Session 6: Question & Answer Session

The final sessions of the conference were allocated for discussion. The informative presentations stimulated a wide range of questions and debate on a variety of subjects including:

6.1 Medical Q & A

6.2 Compensation Q & A

Three themes were explored:

Theme 1 - Levels of Compensation

Theme 2 - Success of National Compensation Delivery Systems

Theme 3 - Challenges for the Future

At the end of the discussion, a draft resolution, 2007 Yokohama Declaration for Fair and Equal Compensation for all Asbestos Victims and Their Families, was presented; after discussion the text was unanimously adopted by the delegates (Appendix). It stated that: