Global Asbestos Congress 2004


Dr. Yoshiomi Temmyo
Chair GAC2004 Organizing Committee

The Global Asbestos Congress 2004 (GAC 2004) in Tokyo is a landmark event which will, for the first time, provide a forum for discussion of asbestos issues in Asia, a region in which the use of asbestos is increasing.

At GAC 2004 we will examine how to prevent and minimize asbestos risks to human beings and the environment. Lessons from health initiatives to cope with emerging asbestos problems and effective means of tackling asbestos contamination of national infrastructures will also be discussed. Particular attention will be paid to the transfer of hazardous asbestos technology from developed to developing countries.

Interest in the three-day conference has been high. Five hundred delegates, including 120 guests from 36 counties had registered by the end of October. Delegates include asbestos victims, family members, workers, citizens, health care practitioners, occupational hygienists, academics, attorneys, civil servants, decision-makers and others.

I extend Congress participants my best wishes for a successful conference.

I am confident GAC2004 will be an important step forward for working together for the future!