Global Asbestos Congress 2004

Design Project

Haruko Watanabe
GAC2004 Organizing Committee, Design Management, Japan

"Let's help voice the messages GAC is trying to convey through design activities."

At GAC 2004, an experimental design project was launched, whereby a design team consisting mainly of design students was organized to deal with design work needed for the Congress, a project that is probably unprecedented in any international conferences of this type in Japan.

Official Poster
The primary goal in poster production was to come up with a design that would produce a strong visual effect, clearly representing the brighter future we will be building together, as well as providing an opportunity to involve design students in the congress preparation process.

To achieve this goal, Haruko Watanabe (GAC Organizing Committee Secretariat Member) held an inhouse competition at a Tokyo-based design polytechnic, Kuwasawa Design School. A part-time lecture there, Haruko was lucky to gain the cooperation of Mr. Sigel Shimo'Oka and Mr. Ken-ichi Tsujihara, both successful graphic designers who run graphic design classes at the poly.

The students invited to join in the competition were for the most part 3rd year visual course students. After a series of meetings between the students, lecturers and the GAC 2004 Organizing Committee Secretariat, five students, Eriko Inoue, Tomoko Saito, Yudai Hano, Yukari Hashimoto and Midori Fukuda presented unique and attractive design proposals.

The selection committee, consisting of Secretariat members and lecturers, selected Midori's design as the winner.

In her design, the energy released from hands represents the "determination to work together for the future" and the "momentum" needed to address various issues and problems involved in dealing with asbestos.

Design Unit U4IC (logo design by Yudai Hano)
Poster Design Project logo by Yudai Hano
U4IC (Euphoric) = Tomoko Saito + Yudai Hano + Midori Fukuda + Haruko Watanabe
(+Eriko Inoue, painting work only)

To perform design work for GAC, Haruko organized U4IC with some of the students who participated in the official poster design competition.

Entrance Design Tote Bag Design Program Design
Staff Jacket Graphic Design Name Plate Graphic Design Sign Design