Global Asbestos Congress 2000

September 17-20, 2000, Osasco, Brazil

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Social Activism
Social-Medical Aspects
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Table of Contents
Plenary Sessions

Opening of Congress

Inaugural Address (text unavailable)
Dr. Silas Bortolosso, Mayor of Osasco

Opening Statements [PDF]
Dr. Paolo Mascarino, Mayor of Casale Monferrato, Italy
Peter Skinner, Member of the European Parliament
Júlio Sebastião Fernandes de Carvalho, Mayor of Viana, Angola (text unavailable)
Deputy Eduardo Jorge, Brazil (text unavailable)
Eng. Fernanda Giannasi, ABREA (text unavailable)
Deputy Eduardo Jorge, Brazil (text unavailable)
Dr. Annie Thébaud-Mony, Ban Asbestos Network (BAN) (text unavailable)
Laurie Kazan-Allen, International Ban Asbestos Secretariat (IBAS)

Introduction to South African Photographic Exhibition [PDF]
Thabo Makweya, Minister in Northern Cape Parliament, South Africa

The ILO and Asbestos (text unavailable)
Armand Pereira, Director, ILO Office for Brazil

Past, Present and Future of the Asbestos Struggle [PDF]
Dr. Richard Lemen, former Assistant Surgeon General, United States Public Health Service and President of the Society for Occupational and Environmental Health (SOEH)
Address by Dr. Richard Lemen [PDF]

Joint Health Initiative: Mount Sinai Hospital - Osasco Project [PDF]
Drs. Steven Markowitz and João de Souza Filho


Prevention: Asbestos Management, Identification, Maintenance or Removal, Contaminated Land

Role of Trade Unions
(text unavailable)
Nigel Bryson, UK

A Program to Minimise Occupational and Environmental Exposure to Asbestos Cement. A Regulatory View of "Controlled Use" (text unavailable)
Dr. Peter Infante, USA

Exposure in Buildings
Case Study: The Berlaymont - Are there Measurable Health Effects Associated with Work in a Building Containing Flocked Asbestos? [PDF]

B. Nemery, H. De Raeve, J. Verschakelen, K.U.Leuven, Belgium

A Ação Pública No Controle Do Amianto Anfibólio Jateado no Rio De Janeiro (Public Action in Sprayed Amphibole Asbestos Control in Rio De Janeiro) [PDF] Portuguese with English abstract
Eng. João Baptista Galvão Filho and Drs. Fátima Sueli Ribeiro and Eduardo Bethlem, Brazil

Contaminated Land
Asbestos Contaminated Land in South Africa: the Challenge and the Possibilities [PDF]

Sophia Kisting, South Africa

Case Study: Libby, Montana, USA (text unavailable)
Gayla Benefield and John Constan, USA

Case Study: Antophyllite Mine in Brazil - the Case of Itapira (text unavailable)
Rosana Pereira de Lima and Dr. Danilo Fernandes Costa, Brazil


Social Activism: How Collective Strategies of Resistance are Organized by Asbestos Victims and Anti-Asbestos Campaigners in Various Countries

Brazilian Association of People Exposed to Asbestos (ABREA) [PDF]
Eng. Fernanda Giannasi, Brazil

Ban Asbestos Network Japan (BANJAN) and Japan's Citizen's Network for Wiping Out Asbestos [PDF]
Sugio Furuya, Japan

Asbestos Diseases Foundation of Australia, Inc. [PDF]
Ella Sweeney, Australia

Asbestos Diseases Society of Australia [PDF]
Robert Vojakovic, Australia

Casale Monferrato Asbestos Victims' Group [PDF]
Bruno Pesce, Italy

Dutch Committee of Asbestos Victims (see workshop A)
Bob Ruers, Holland

The Association of Asbestos Victims in Slovenia [PDF]
Dr. Metoda Dodic-Fikfak, Slovenia

White Lung Association [PDF]
Jim Fite, USA

The Manipulation of "Scientific Organizations" [PDF]
Dr. Barry Castleman, USA



Personal Injury Compensation in Brazil (including Brazilian Cases Against General Motors and Saint Gobain) (text unavailable)
Leonardo Amarante, Brazil

Product Liability Litigation In the USA / Implications for Foreign Claimants (text unavailable)
Dianna Lyons, USA

Reparar Os Prejui'zos Na França, A Luta Das Vitimas Do Amianto Diante Da Justiça (How Does the French Legal System Compensate the Injured?) [PDF]
Dr. Annie Thébaud-Mony , France

The Netherlands: Civil Claims, Compensation Boards and Government Awards [PDF]
Bob Ruers, Holland

Compensation for Asbestos-Related Diseases in Australia (PDF slideshow)
Luisa Formato, Australia

Compensation for Occupational Respiratory Diseases including Asbestosis in South Africa (PDF slideshow)
Dr Audrey Banyini, South Africa

Case Study: Hancock and Margereson vs. T&N plc - Landmark Case for Environmental Exposure [PDF]
John Pickering, UK

Case Study: Multinational Claims Against Cape plc by South African Workers (text unavailable)
Richard Meeran, UK


Social-Medical Aspects

Asbestos Diseases (text unavailable)
Dr. Gurnam Basran, UK

Problems with Diagnosis and Recognition of Pleural Plaques as Occupational Disease (text unavailable)
Dr. Jefferson Freitas, Brazil

A Mesothelioma Project (PDF slideshow)
Mavis Robinson, UK

A Precautionary Program for Exposed Workers? [PDF]
Prof. Benedetto Terracini, Italy

A Social and Legal Role for Doctors of Asbestos Victims (text unavailable)
Prof. Diogo Pupo Nogueira, Brazil

Support and Counselling of Asbestos Disease Victims and their Families [PDF]
Rose Marie Vojakovic, Australia

Just Transition: Safe Jobs, not No Jobs [PDF]
Rory O'Neill, UK

Asbestos and Profit
Case Study: Limpet: Spraying Ill-Health World-Wide [PDF]

Dr. Geoffrey Tweedale, UK

Case Study: Mining Asbestos in South Africa: Miners, Capital and the State [PDF]
Dr. Jock McCulloch, Australia


The Future

A World Free of Asbestos: The Future (PDF)
Eng. Fernanda Giannasi, Brazil

Nordic Experiences After Early Asbestos Bans [PDF]
Lars Vedsmand, Denmark

Implications of The World Trade Organization Verdict for Public Health and Global Trade [PDF]
Dr. Barry Castleman, USA


Closing of Congress

Congress Debate [PDF]

Award: Presentation of the Ray Sentes Award to Barry Castleman [PDF]

Kyla Sentes, USA

Award: Presentation of the June Hancock Award to Henri Pezerat [PDF]
Mavis Robinson, UK

Award: Presentation of the Hendrik Afrika Award to Fernando José Chierici [PDF]
Thabo Makweya, South Africa

Closing Remarks (text unavailable)



Workshop A: Liability/Compensation

Coordinator: Leonardo Amarante, Brazil

The Development of Personal-Injury Law and Compensation for Asbestos-Related Diseases in the Netherlands [PDF]
Bob Ruers, Holland

Other Participants:
Luisa Formato, Jock McCulloch and Robert Vojakovic, Australia
Fuyushi Nagakura and Shigeharu Nakachi, Japan
Dr. Audrey Banyini, South Africa
Colin Ettinger, Richard Meeran, John Pickering and Geoffrey Tweedale, UK
Dianna Lyons and Charles Siegel, USA
Thomas Hart, Virgin Islands


Workshop B: Epidemiology, Public Health and Sociological Research

Coordinator: Dr. Hermano Albuquerque Castro, Brazil

Epidemiological Trends For Asbestos-Related Cancers [PDF]

Antti Tossavainen, Finland

Other Participants:
Prof. Benedetto Terracini, Italy
Prof. Julian Peto, UK
Drs. Peter Infante and Richard Lemen, USA

Other Participants:
Dr. Annie Thébaud-Mony, France
Lic. Eva Delgado Rosas, Peru

Public Health
Japanese Situation On Asbestos Issues And Banjan's Activities [PDF]

Sugio Furuya, Fuyushi Nagakura, Yuji Natori and Shigeharu Nakachi, Japan

Asbestos Problems In Korea: History And Current Situation [PDF]
Domyung Paek, MD, ScD, Korea

History of the Asbestos Ban in Casale Monferrato [PDF]
Dr. Daniela Degiovanni, Italy

Other Participants:
Dr. Mario Epelman, Argentina
Dr. Yuji Natori and Sugio Furuya, Japan
Dr. T Jayabalan, Malaysia
Dr. Metoda Dodic-Fikfak, Slovenia
Dr. Sophia Kisting, South Africa
Mavis Robinson, Asbestos Nursing Specialist, UK


Workshop C: Asbestos-Related Diseases, Diagnosis, Pathology, Treatment and Experimental Studies (Gene Therapy)

Coordinator: Dr. Eduardo Algranti, Brazil

Avaliação Respiratória Em Trabalhadores De Uma Industria Têxtil De Amianto (PDF slideshow)
Hermano Albuquerque de Castro, Alfred Lemle, Luis Carlos Correia Alves, Antonio Chibante, Vera Gomes Bom, Brasil

Evaluation of Respiratory Problems among Workers in an Asbestos Textile Factory (PDF slideshow)

Translated by Chris Whitehouse

Uses and Abuses of Pathology in Asbestos-exposed Populations (PDF slideshow)
Jerrold L. Abraham, MD, USA

Câncer De Pulmão E Asbestos: Critérios Para Atribuição Diagnostica [PDF]
Ubiratan de Paula Santos, Brasil

Issues in the Management of Asbestos-related Diseases (PDF slideshow)
Domyung Paek, MD, ScD, Korea

Other Participants:
Prof. Benoit Nemery, Belgium
Dr. Yuji Natori and Shigeharu Nakachi, Japan
Dr. T. Jayabalan, Malaysia
Dr. Metoda Dodic-Fikfak, Slovenia
Dr. Gurnam Basran, UK
Drs. Steven Markowitz and Christine Oliver, USA


Round-Table Discussion A: Strategies for Latin America and the Developing World to Ban Asbestos


Dr. Eduardo Rodrigues Argentina
Lic. Eva Delgado Rosas, Peru
and Dr. René Mendes, Brazil

Round-Table Discussion B: Asbestos Victims Speak-Out!

Coordinator: Eliezer João de Souza, Brazil

Congress Video Presentations [PDF]

Round-Table Discussion C: Trade Unions and Asbestos: Old Problems and New Solutions

Coordinator: Edison Luiz Bernardes, Brazil

Union Statement on Banning Asbestos Worldwide [PDF]

Academic and Group Presentations

Asbestos-Cement Materials: A Practical Approach to Protecting Worker Health during Maintenance and Construction [PDF]
Andrew F. Oberta USA

Remediation Of Land In Israel Contaminated By Asbestos Cement Waste Material [PDF]
Eng. Zilly Anavi, Dr. David Dizenhouse, Israel
Andrew F. Oberta, USA

Asbestos Diseases in Brazil and the Building of Counter-Powers: A Study in Health, Work, and Gender [PDF]
L. Scavone, F. Giannasi, Brazil
A. Thébaud-Mony, France

Doencas Profissionais Provocadas pelo Amiantono Brasil e a Construcao dos Contra-Poderes: Uma Abordegem em Saude, Trabalho e Genero

A Saúde e as Relações de Gênero dos Trabalhadores de Uma Indústria Têxtil de Amianto no Rio De Janeiro [PDF]
Vanda D'Acri, Hermano Albuquerque de Castro, Maria Blandina Marques dos Santos, Katia Reis de Souza and Cyro Haddad Novello, Brasil

English Abstract:
The Health and Working Conditions of Workers Exposed to Asbestos in a Rio De Janeiro Textile Factory: Analysis and Intervention [PDF]

English abstract compiled by Chris Whitehouse

A Saúde a as Relações de Gênero dos Trabalhadores de Uma Indústria Têxtil de Amianto no Rio De Janeiro [PDF]
Vanda D'Acri, Hermano Albuquerque de Castro, Maria Blandina Marques dos Santos, Katia Reis de Souza and Cyro Haddad Novello (Brasil)

Occupational and Environmental Rights Violation in the Asbestos Industry in Mexico [PDF]
G. Aguilar-Madrid, C. A. Juárez-Pérez, J. H. Vazquez-Grameix and M. Hernández-Avila, Mexico

Amphibole Asbestos Contamination in Mineral Raw Materials: the Example of some Brazilian Talc Deposits [PDF]
G. A. J. Szabó, Fo, J. B. Madureira, F. M. S. Carvalho, F. R. D. Andrade, G. G. B. Guimarães, Brazil

Merseyside Victims Support Group Display and Distributed Papers [PDF]
John Flanagan

Institutional Knowledge, Common Knowledge: Occupational Asbestos Diseases and Gender [PDF]
Lucila Scavone and Jovana Alves de Melo

For coverage of the Children's Poster Competition see Illustrated Congress Report [PDF] by Laurie Kazan-Allen and Congress Photographs [PDF]

Extra Congress Submissions

A Construção de Contra-Poderes no Brasil Na Luta Contra o Amianto: A Globilização Por Baixo [PDF]
Fernanda Giannasi (Brasil)

Globalization from Below: Building an Anti-Asbestos Movement in Brazil [PDF](English Abstract)
Compiled by Chris Whitehouse

Asbestos Disease Association (Inc) of New Zealand - A View of the Asbestos Situation from 1990 to the Year 2000 [PDF]
A.H. Grootegoed, New Zealand

Efeitos da Inalação de Fibras de Asbestos (Amianto) Sobre a Saúde Humana: Estado Atual do Conhecimento a Fundamentação Cientifica para uma Política de Priorização de Defesa da Vida, da Saúde e do Meio-Ambiente [PDF]
Prof. René Mendes, Brazil

Effects of the Inhalation of Asbestos Fibres on Human Health: the Current State of Knowledge and the Scientific Grounds for a Policy that Prioritises Life, Health and the Environment [PDF] (English Abstract)
Compiled by Chris Whitehouse

Pushed into Social Exclusion: Asbestos-Related Disability and Relative Poverty on Clydeside [PDF]
Ronald Johnston and Arthur McIvor, Scotland

Incubating Death: Working with Asbestos in Clydeside Shipbuilding and Engineering, 1945-1990 [PDF]
Ronald Johnston and Arthur McIvor, Scotland

Turners and the Asbestos Legacy in Clydebank [PDF]
Ronald Johnston and Arthur McIvor, Scotland

Asbestos Magnate to Environmental Guru: The Morphing of Stephan Schmidheiny [PDF]
Daniel M. Berman and Adrian Knoepfli, USA

The Still Emerging Public Health Problem [PDF]
George A. Peters and Barbara J. Peters, USA

Programa de Salud del Trabajador Asbesto [PDF]
Ministerio de Salud, Argentina

WTO Upholds French Ban on Chrysotile [PDF]
Laurie Kazan-Allen, UK

Congress Reports

Illustrated Report [PDF] (English) In Portuguese [PDF]
Laurie Kazan-Allen

Text Report [PDF]
John Flanagan

Text Report [PDF]
A.H. (Ed) Grootegoed

Text Report [PDF] (Italian)
Benedetto Terracini


Extracts from South African Photographic Exhibition (PDF slideshow)
Hein duPlessis

Informal and Formal Photographs of Congress Delegates and Proceedings [PDF]
Eduardo Metroviche, Laurie Kazan-Allen, Fernanda Giannasi and John Flanagan

Asbestos and Asbestos Related Diseases in India (PDF slideshow)
Hein duPlessis


Congress Organizers