Global Asbestos Congress 2000

Global Asbestos Congress, Osasco, 17-20 September 2000
Statement of Trade Unions on Banning Asbestos Worldwide

The trade unions attending the Global Asbestos Congress restate their commitment to a global ban on the mining, manufacture, marketing and use of all forms of asbestos and related products.

It is a fact that:

In view of the complex social and economic issues that surround the process of production and use of asbestos throughout the world, the trade unions propose that the following measures be undertaken by trade unions:

Edison Luiz Bernardes, CONTICON/CUT, Brazil.
Wellington Carneiro, IFBWW Latin American Regional Office, Panama.
Fiona Murie, IFBWW, Central Office, Switzerland.
José Elias de Góis, CISSOR, Brazil.
José Augusto da Silva Filho, FENATEST/CNTC, Brazil.
Nick De Carlo, CAW, Canadá.
Rory O'Neill, IFJ, UK.
Nigel Bryson, TUC, UK.
Bruno Pesce, CGIL, Italy.