Asian Asbestos Conference 2009

Break-out Session 2: Building the Asian Ban Asbestos Network

Moderator: Yeyong Choi

Subregional group discussions

During this session, delegates debated the way forward. In discussions and in conversations which took place within smaller subregional groups, a consensus emerged on campaign themes and strategies. Available regional resources were compared with those required to achieve specified goals and suggestions were made on how to bridge the gaps identified. While full minutes of these discussions have been made available to the members of the Asian Ban Asbestos Network (A-BAN), only AAC 2009 delegates are privy to the decisions taken during this session.

Subregional group discussions

Asbestosis sufferer Jung Ji-YulAsbestosis sufferer Jung Ji-Yul, a leading member of the Korean National Network of Asbestos Victims and Their Families and active participant in BANKO


39. See the presentation by Steven Kazan during plenary session 2.
40. All the slides are available online:
41. Between them, the trusts list 2,980 approved worksites in foreign countries.