India's Asbestos Time Bomb

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Table of Contents

Ravindra Ganpat Mohite (pdf) 6
Mangabhai N. Patel (pdf) 7
Introduction Laurie Kazan-Allen (pdf) 8
The Political Context of India's Asbestos Debate  
The Indian Goverment's Complicity in the Asbestos Scandal Madhumita Dutta (pdf) 13
Smoke and Mirrors: Chrysotile Asbestos is Good for You—Illusion and Confusion but not Fact Dr. Richard Lemen (pdf) 16
Abuse of the Mass Media by the Indian Asbestos Industry Dr. Sanjay Chaturvedi (pdf) 21
Quantifying the Problem  
Health Hazards due to Asbestos Exposure in India Dr. Qamar Rahman (pdf) 23
Dumping Hazardous Waste in India: Toxic Ships Gopal Krishna (pdf) 26
Living with Asbestos: A Dangerous Existence Anup Srivastava and Vipul Pandya (pdf) 30
Views from the Asbestos Front Line P. Madhavan (pdf) 32
Potential Health Hazards of Asbestos-Cement Roofing for India's Poor Nick Clarke (pdf) 36
Asbestos Multinationals in India: The Experience of Turner & Newall Dr. Geoffrey Tweedale (pdf) 42
Gujarat: An Asbestos Hot Spot  
The Struggle against Asbestos-Related Diseases in Gujarat Jagdish Patel (pdf) 46
"Monitoring" Environmental Pollution and Asbestos Exposure in Gujarat Dr. Linda Waldman (pdf) 52
Diagnosis, Treatment and Compensation  
Asbestos-Related Disease in India Dr. Sudhakar R. Kamat (pdf) 55
Difficulties in the Diagnosis of Asbestosis in India Dr. V. Murlidhar (pdf) 56
The Struggle by Mumbai Workers for Compensation Dr. Rakhal Gaitonde and Madhumita Dutta (pdf) 59
And Finally…  
The Future Laurie Kazan-Allen (pdf) 65
  1. Asbestos-Related Diseases
  2. Production, Imports and Consumption of Asbestos in India, 1920-2006
  3. Consumption of Asbestos in India, 1960-2006
  4. National Asbestos Bans and Restrictions
  5. Useful Contacts
  6. Letter from Tata Memorial Hospital
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India's Asbestos Time Bomb

India's Asbestos Time Bomb
Edited by David Allen and Laurie Kazan-Allen

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