Exporting Harm

How Canada Markets Asbestos to the Developing World
by Kathleen Ruff, October 2008

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Executive Summary
Brief History of Asbestos: Hiding the Dangers in the Name of Profits
How the Canadian Government has Marketed Asbestos to Developing Countries
World Call of Conscience to Prime Minister Harper

Exporting Harm

Kathleen Ruff is a former director of the Court Challenges Program and a former director of the BC Human Rights Commission. She was the founding editor and publisher of the Canadian Human Rights Reporter and host of the CBC TV program Ombudsman. She is presently co-ordinator of the Rotterdam Convention Alliance which represents environmental and health organizations around the world who are working to defend and promote the Rotterdam Convention. She is founder of rightoncanada.ca and Senior Advisor on Human Rights to the Rideau Institute on International Affairs.

Cover photo: P. Madhavan, India, 2007

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