Exporting Harm

Executive Summary

Most Canadians are not aware of the global role Canada has played to promote the sale of chrysotile asbestos (the only form of asbestos still sold today) to developing countries.

Every independent scientific body in the world, including the World Health Organization (WHO), the International Labour Organization and the Canadian Cancer Society, have called for chrysotile asbestos to be banned since it is a recognized carcinogen and there is no safe way it can be used.

Chrysotile asbestos has been banned by most industrialized countries. But, undeterred by the scientific evidence of the harm it does to human health, the asbestos industry, helped by the Canadian government, is pursuing the same strategy as the tobacco industry and is aggressively marketing asbestos to developing countries.

The unsavory tactics used by the Canadian government to promote the sale of Canada's asbestos include:

Exporting Harm

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Executive Summary
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